All three sub types of influenza have appeared

According to Paata Imnadze, head of the National Center for Disease Control, there has been an increase in the number of influenza viruses in the last two weeks, but this is less than in previous years.

Imnadze said at a news conference today that all three sub types of influenza have appeared in the country at this time.

“The rise has begun for the second week. So far, much less than last year and before there was illness, even less hospitalization, all three sub types of the flu have appeared. It is the leading type B virus and circulates also H3 and H1, although the leading virus remains the Retrovirus, more slowly and lightly and also circulates respiratory viruses, as well as adeno and enteroviruses. It is possible that any virus can cause complications, “Imnadze said.

He also spoke about prevention measures and made recommendations. According to him, 90 thousand people in the risk groups and 40 thousand people in the private sector have been evacuated.

According to Imnadze’s recommendation, it is necessary to stay in the home of a sick person, to wash his hands frequently, and to refrain from being in crowded places.

“90,000 people are vaccinated by the state program, this is a high-risk group. There are about 40,000 people in the private sector. Vaccination is always possible.

The recommendation is that the patient should be in a home that is in a mild condition and walks away from the outbreak. We often wash our hands and avoid being in crowded areas, Imnadze said.

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